About Kevin

I'm a San Diego, California portrait and lifestyle photographer, marketing professional and graphic designer. Along with my husband, we have been offering photographic services since 2004 and we are super lucky to live here in this city and do what we do.

I have always been fascinated by minimal shapes, angles, colors and structure in architecture and in nature. Every aspect of the world around me is super cool and I’ve tried putting a different spin and angle on whatever I photograph and objectify through the lens.

 That’s me in the corner, that’s me on the right side (with husband on left).

That’s me in the corner, that’s me on the right side (with husband on left).

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What Inspires Me

Black and White Films
The Franks - Lloyd Wright and Gehry
Cool People I Can Learn From
Mid-Century Architecture
Design Documentaries and Shows
Oreos With Peanut Butter

I’m also super inspired by my husband. His passion for the things he finds amazing, amusing, and exciting are infectious. Together we have discovered a mutual love and interest in the Hawaiian Islands. We find the people, the places, the mid-century Ossipoff architecture and the incredible beauty and history of all Hawaiians truly inspiring.

My ultimate dream would be to create photographic stories of hawaii

Along with shooting the island and the people there, I would very much like to document and tell stories of the Kupuna that are keeping the traditions and language alive, to document what’s left of old Hawaii before it disappears. Most of all, we would love to be on the islands to share the aloha and then share it with others.