Hi, hello. Hi.

Photography has allowed me to accept myself, to become more gregarious, to venture out more and to be who I was meant to be. As a creative person, I’ve done lots of creative stuff like graphic design, writing, and electronic music. I have had a story and a poem published, and won a photo contest once. I also won a cake at Cake Walk in the second grade. Yet, I always come back to photography.

I’m personable with a sense of humor, patient, and always try to put a different spin on whatever I photograph. Finding a personal connection with you is what I strive for.

I have been with my husband since 2004 and together we make our home in San Diego, California amidst cupboards crammed with automobile magazines and camera equipment, and are the proud parents to several fresh-water fish.

What I Like

Love and Supporting Love
Frank Lloyd Wright
Star Wars Movies
Minimalism, Mid-Century Architecture
Cemeteries and the Supernatural
Electronic Music and Film Scores
Smart Sense of Humor
Cool People I Can Learn From
The English Monarchy
Design Documentaries and Makeover Shows
Oreo Cookies
Mexican Food
Oh Yeah, and Photography


I run on: Sony A6000 and A6500 cameras, Zeiss/Sony/Sigma glass, and caffeine.

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