I'm Kevin Hartmann Photo, And I Have a Problem

Kevin Hartmann Logo 10-2017.png

When I started this website, I was still concentrating on creating electronic music, something I’d always wanted to give a go to. I’d had a website on and off for years and years, even building it myself with old-school HTML.

I would post photos and and more here once in a while, but was pretty lax for years. And even the blog entries I had dating back to 1999 were lost in a hard drive crash so I had even less to contribute here.

So basically I just posted a lot of…stuff, random stuff. Hence, Kevin Hartmann Stuff.

But, times have changed. My time and focus has changed.

Like so many of my friends and people I have heard of lately, I was recently laid off at the holidays (right at Halloween, the most sacred of holidays!) My husband, Randy, and I have been talking of getting our love of photography up to full speed, turning it more into a hobby / business. Well, more of the business side, really.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 10.07.33 AM.png

So, when one door closes…. You know the saying. And I (we) are embracing it.

That’s why I’ve rebranded my domain and work to Kevin Hartmann Photography. I’ve dropped the ‘stuff’ even though I still do…stuff.

Not long ago I actually wrote a short blog entry about branding and consistency! Yet, here I am, writing about changing that. I have a problem, for sure. As I’m in marketing, I know the repercussions and the big NOs of doing this. Yet, here I am!

This is a positive change for me, for us. It has to be. Changing a domain name and a focus isn’t life-changing, but pursuing a passion should be life-changing. Being a better person after unburdening yourself with the past, jobs, people and more that keep you down, hold you back - that’s definitely a positive.

I’m excited now that my domain and focus has changed! A new door is slowly creaking open and I can see the light on the other side! Thank you for following our the journey.