Love is Love: My First Couples Shoot | San Diego Gay Photographer

Jimmy+Donald 6 edit.png

I am super thrilled to show these off as these are my first couples photo sessions in like forever! Yes, that’s a correct phrase to use because it’s been quite a long time and the first time I was able to photograph a male couple in nearly ten years.

J and D were amazing in front of the camera, and super patient with me as well as I was testing out a brand new camera…and lens! I’m glad they stayed with me as I think these shots came out nicely.

Booking a photographer who identifies as LGBT (or queer, which I often use because it’s easier to type) means that there are a lot of nuanced background details a same-sex couple won't have to describe about what it means to be gay. There can be some real advantages to this yet even so, I don’t believe that sexual orientation or gender identity qualifies a photographer. It's important to make sure that the photographer has the experience and know-how to do the job well.

I am super happy that as a queer man I was able to shoot this queer couple. I hope I was able to offer a comfort level and respect. There are many more shots—some of which will be posted closer to the holidays—yet I really love these ones here and I hope you do, too. I’d love to photograph you guys—literally, you guys—and even girls to show the world how incredible all of us queer Individuals are in front of and away from the camera. Please let me know how I can help you get your life event—or just fun events—into digital awesomeness!