Beautiful Shots of a Beautiful Place: Balboa Park | San Diego Photographer


Okay, so I’m not tooting my own horn (who says that?) about these shots, but I am particularly happy about them, the first ones - ever- shot in-camera in black and white mode.

I’d never tried this before, choosing to always convert a color image to black and white later in editing instead. I’m no professional (but I might have played one on TV) yet I feel these turned out nicely.

A professional may not dig them, but I’m getting there. Perhaps, they’d say, the narrative is off or they don’t really say anything. Sometimes that’s just not the point. I like them, and there’s always room for improvement.

Taken during a recent photo shoot (as I was guarding gear), I like these shots and even if I never view them again, hiding them away in my giant barrel of digital files, I think they are kinda beautiful. Maybe because I was there and remember the day.