Praise from Photography Client! | San Diego Model Photographer

I love it when people take the time to write, and love it even more when they say more than one they had a wonderful experience with me! This is super fun for me to do and I’m so happy it’s fun for others, as well!


I'm Bringing Sexy Yellow Back | San Diego Logo Design

Right now, as a house husband (hey, are you hiring?!) I have plenty of time to take care of housey stuff. House cleaning, house work, house maintenance…house music and much more.

I’m a stay-at-home husband not by choice right now (although, wouldn't that be amazing!) but because of being laid off from my job. Since October, I’ve had plenty of time to do so much, catch up, learn…

…and now finally update my website and logo. I’ve thought a lot about the updates and design yet in the end, the most simple solution was just to do the least. Thanks, Dieter Rams. In essence, I’ve kept my branding that I’ve had for a while but added in the color yellow.

The color of Ferrari yellow, to be precise. I used a yellow way back, a formula of which I can’t find in my files or notes. So, I like cars and: Ferrari yellow. In past logos I have used golds, blacks, and on my website, yellows, blues and grays. It’s been a theme since 1999 when built my own website and branding (but back then, who knew to call it personal branding?)

So with this slight update, I’ve brought yellow back. I hope it’s sexy.

So much yellow. So much eye strain.

Breathing Space: A Quick Visit With Nature | California Nature Photography

Although it’s been nice to not be working, a full-time job again would be equally as nice to spend my days with. I tend to hold in my stress and manage it fine (usually).

Yet getting away from the computer and job searching, organizing taxes, and ‘sitting by the phone’ takes its toll. Having gotten out this day to the sea side was a much-needed break, with camera.

I took around 500 photos; I was there so long! But just hanging out on that stormy morning was incredible, watching the waves pound against the cliffs, the sea spray misting up and over all of us walking by or watching all of it happening before us.

It’s nice not to worry once in a while, to have some space to breathe, to get away from it all.


I stop for some breathing space
I pause in the public race
Take time from all the time it takes
to make up for all the big mistakes
I gotta get out
I gotta get out

-Pet Shop Boys